Hospice Care

Why Hospice Care?

Decisions about hospice care can be difficult.

They are personal and important, best made by the patient and family, with cooperation from the physician.

Hospice of Havasu provides compassionate comfort care to people with a life-limiting illness and their families. These services are available to patients of any age, religion or race. Professionals work with patients and families to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. The Hospice of Havasu philosophy is a belief that each of us has the right to die with dignity, and that our families will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. The focus is on caring, not curing.Why Hospice Care?

Since 1982, Hospice of Havasu has operated on the premise that each individual should be helped to make the most of the time left.

To accomplish that we provide the patient and family with a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, certified nurse assistants, pharmacists, bereavement staff and volunteers who are trained in end-of-life care.

We also support the caregiver, who provides for the patient’s day-to-day needs. That is usually a family member or significant other. If a primary caregiver is not available, the social worker and nurses will help to make other arrangements.

Hospice of Havasu also believes that each patient and family is unique. Our goal is to help individuals live as fully as possible, to allow them to retain control over their health care decisions and to preserve their dignity.

Medicare provides a full Hospice Benefit, and some private insurance plans have a hospice benefit as well. But, since our founding, we have never denied services to anyone because of their financial situation.

Not-For-Profit Since 1982

Hospice of Havasu was founded by a local group of volunteers, who traveled across the nation looking for the right kind of hospice for the Lake Havasu City area.

They decided on the not-for-profit model and for a number of years the agency was operated entirely by volunteers.

The Mohave ounty area continued to grow, and as the patient load increased, paid professional staff was put in place to provide even better service for patients and families.

Hospice of Havasu is a not-for-profit agency, meaning our focus is on the patient and family, not the bottom line. We only serve patients and families in northwest Mohave County, areas we have become very familiar with over the decades.

We answer to the community we serve, not shareholders.

Because we are a not-for-profit organization, we know the importance of giving back to the community, and have programs and assistance aimed at all age groups.

Hospice of Havasu’s main administrative/medical office is located in Lake Havasu City. We also maintain staff offices in Fort Mohave and Parker and operate a resale store in Lake Havasu City.

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Our Care Teams

Hospice of Havasu medical directors oversee the medical care provided by each of the Care Teams. They make sure that patients, families and Care Teams receive the medical guidance, resources and support needed to achieve patient goals.

Hospice of Havasu medical directors oversee the medical care provided by each of the Care Teams.

Nursing services include in-home or facility visits from Registered Nurses. Visits will be as often as the nurse and patient determine they will be needed. On each visit, the nurse will assess how the patient and family are doing, and then together, the nurse, patient and family decide what further actions should be taken. Hospice of Havasu nurses work with the patient’s physician and the Hospice of Havasu medical directors to manage patient pain and other symptoms. They provide education and expert guidance in the administering of care. Care Team nurses are also available nights, evenings, weekends and holidays for assistance with emergencies.

Certified Nurse Assistants preserve the dignity and privacy of patients, while providing important personal care and comfort. The CNAs provide assistance in personal hygiene, including bathing, hair and nail care, shaving and changing linens. They may also show the patient’s caregiver how to safely provide these services.

Medical social workers help the patient and family secure legal and financial assistance, teach personal coping techniques and counsel patients and family members. They also put families in touch with other community resources they may need.

Chaplains provide spiritual counseling to any patient and family member who requests it. They help patients and families cope with feelings of anger, frustration, guilt and sorrow they may have. They can also provide meaning at this very difficult time. Often chaplains work with the family’s clergy to help provide spiritual peace.

Hospice of Havasu works closely with dedicated pharmacists, who help ensure the right medications, at the right time.

Bereavement support is provided for the family to aid in the healing process. Support groups, one-on-one counseling and telephone contacts are offered for 13 months after the death of a loved one. They can also provide a number of materials that may be helpful to the family.

Hospice of Havasu was founded by volunteers and they operated the agency for a number of years. They remain an essential part of the organization. They can provide support and companionship to patients and families in a number of ways. Often, they stay with a patient so the caregiver can shop, run other errands or simply take a break from the pressure of being the caregiver. They may also be social support, a hand to hold or a friendly ear to listen.

Innovative Care

At Hospice of Havasu, we are creative, helpful and let the patient and family set goals and help them realize dreams.

Many patients have personal and even unusual requests — hot air balloon rides, trips to a casino or favorite restaurant or day on the river or lake.

At Hospice of Havasu, we are creative, helpful and let the patient and family set goals and help them realize dreams.

Some have very personal requests — a couple that had been together for several years decided they wanted to be married.

Hospice of Havasu Care Team members helped all of those — and many more — meet those dreams and goals.

We also work closely with Pet Partners, and volunteers are able to bring specially trained pets into homes or facilities, adding a warm touch to a patient’s day.

In addition, members of the Care Team will work with patient and family to secure other special services, such as aroma therapy, massage, music and art therapies.

As with all efforts by the Care Team, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for our terminally ill Hospice of Havasu patients. Many of these therapies often touch patients in ways that traditional medicine does not.


A nationwide Gallup survey produced five key outcomes:

1. Nine out of 10 adults would prefer to be cared for at home rather than in a hospital or nursing home if diagnosed with a terminal illness. 96% of hospice care is provided in the patient’s home or place they call home.

2. An overwhelming majority of adults said they would be interested in the comprehensive program of care at home that hospice programs provide. 

3. When asked to name their greatest fear associated with death, respondents most cited, “being a burden to family and friends,” followed by “pain” and “lack of control.” Addressing the whole range of physical and psychological needs of the patient and family is what makes hospice care so special. 

4. 90% of adults believe it is the family’s responsibility to care for the dying. Hospice provides families with the support needed to keep their loved one at home, and can offer the caregiver short “respite” periods. 

5. Most adults believe it would take a year or more to adjust to the death of a loved one. Hospice programs offer 13 months of grief counseling for the surviving family and friends.