Time to Volunteer?

What does a Volunteer Do?

Hospice of Havasu Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks, all aimed at helping patients and families.What does a Volunteer Do?

Whether it’s visiting the patients and families in home or at an assisted living facility or helping with a fundraiser, Volunteers are a vital part of the care team.

Some Volunteers are available for social visits or to provide respite for caregivers.

Still other Volunteers receive special training in taking their trained pets into patient homes.

Other Volunteers play music and help with family history projects.

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Am I Prepared for the Job?


The Volunteer receives training before any assignments are made. Volunteers are shown how to handle the required paperwork, taught techniques and skills to communicate.

Volunteers can help define their role at Hospice of Havasu by telling us about special skills, talents and interests they have.

Every effort is made to help the Volunteers in their job, including providing mentors to accompany you on initial visits, if desired.

What Are the Rewards?

The real reward of becoming a Hospice of Havasu Volunteer is knowing that you’ve made a difference. Volunteers learn that their roles in the lives of patients and families are very important and appreciated. Hospice of Havasu takes time throughout the year to thank Volunteers for their efforts, and annually honors all who help.


Can you:

  • Do office work?
  • Enjoy social visits?
  • Comfort someone?
  • Be a good listener?
  • Play a musical instrument?
  • Work on photo albums?
  • Help record family history?
  • Run errands?
  • Assist with fund-raising?
  • Work in the resale store?
  • Help with special events?
  • Make soup or cookies?
  • Create crafts?

If you said yes to one or more of these items, consider becoming a Hospice of Havasu Volunteer!


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