Hospice of Havasu regularly updates a large selection of brochures, booklets, flyers and other helpful information. All of the resources below are free and can be mailed to you.

The Uncharted Road: A guide for living with and caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The 16-page booklet offers practical and useful suggestions for these who are dealing with this situation.

 Let’s Talk! Positive communication tips when talking with someone with dementia. This useful 8-page booklet will give you a number of ways to increase communication, and is useful for caregivers, family or friends.

 Support for Caregivers: Caregiving is a constant learning experience, and this 16-page booklet is filled with tips, self-assessment guides and suggestions on caring for yourself while caring for others.

It’s About Living: This is the primary Hospice of Havasu brochure, one that answers many questions you may have about hospice care. Thousands of copies have been distributed throughout the Hospice of Havasu service area.

Here When You Need Us: A more detailed book, one that’s always part of the admission information for new patients, but can also be used when a more in-depth look at hospice care may be needed.

After a Loss: A brochure to help deal with grief and loss. What do you say when someone you know has suffered a loss? This is a helpful, practical brochures we have to help deal with grief and loss.

Children and Loss: This brochure helps people deal with the tough issues of children and grief. We also have a booklet for teachers, offering them further resources and brief lists of signs that children are living with grief and loss.

Resource Guides: A  helpful booklet of community resources. The 16-page publications are designed for the Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City/Ft. Mohave areas. Information includes government agencies, medical and homecare services, attorneys and support groups and homeless resources. The booklets are updated regularly and available for online viewing or download. If you would like more information or to schedule a Community Liasion to present information to a group or organization, call 928-453-2111.

Download the Hospice of Havasu Resource Guides below:

Lake Havasu City Resource Guide           Bullhead City Area Resource Guide      Parker/LaPaz Resource Guide

Volunteers: Learn more about becoming a Hospice of Havasu Volunteer. This brochure outlines some opportunities for volunteers, comments from those who have already signed up and other useful information. You can also request a Volunteer Application.

To request any of these items, call 928-453-2111 or email Hospice of Havasu Community Outreach.


Hospice of Havasu maintains a full-time staff who can speak to your organization or club about virtually any hospice topic. To schedule a presentation, call 928-453-2111 or email Hospice of Havasu Community Outreach.